Women's Day of the Dead Catsuit Costume

Women's Day of the Dead Catsuit Costume
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A Holiday People are Dying to Celebrate

Death can be a difficult topic, but it doesn't have to always be sad. People living in Mexico understand this, and they host a three-day celebration every year to party and remember loved ones who've passed away. We're talking about the Day of the Dead. It may seem a little gruesome if you don't know what's going on, since people dress up like grinning skeletons and have picnics in graveyards and even sometimes wear shells to make noise as they dance around, in the hopes of waking up their deceased loved ones. But actually, it's a celebration full of love and joy as they remember loved ones who have passed away. They actually make an effort to include the spirits of these family and friends, by leaving out tasty treats on personal altars. They're even really super considerate to people who might travel from the spirit world back to the land of the living for a visit, leaving out blankets so that they can rest after the long journey.

Product Details

Party to wake the dead with this Women's Day of the Dead Catsuit Costume! The black fitted jumpsuit is made of 100 percent polyester and has a zipper closure on the back for easy wear. There are bone outline patterns running up and down the arms and legs, along with an intricate skeleton graphic on the front that features lovely pink and yellow flowers. We recommend you complete the look with a beautiful flower crown like the one in the picture... Maybe you could make your own!

Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Death doesn't have to be dreary, and neither do you, thanks to your Day of the Dead Catsuit Costume! Now you'll be ready to join the other partygoers and have fun honoring all the people you've loved and lost. And who knows? Maybe they'll join in too...!

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