Women's Horned Viking Helmet Promotions

Women's Horned Viking Helmet Promotions
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Valhalla awaits... but let's make sure you have a good run before you join Odin in the great hall. Your horde has got a big time battle coming up, and we want to make sure that you have plenty of protection to survive in battle as long as possible. And the most important thing to protect is your head!

So, complete your Viking costume with this women's horned Viking helmet! You're a tough shieldmaiden after all, and you want a battle style that both complements your costume, and if it adds some extra style too, well, that's a bonus! This helmet certainly achieves that, and will be a vital addition to your ensemble.

Featuring molded plastic that's painted to look like worn metal, fur and horn accents make it a truly medieval style. The fur accents make it a great match to many of our women's Viking costume selections, so pick out your favorite style, grab this helmet, and you too will be ready for battle! Or for just having a really great time at the costume party. That's just fine too!

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