Womens Dreaded Viking Wig Promotions

Womens Dreaded Viking Wig Promotions
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Battle Vacay

So, you're raiding the shores of Normandy? How exciting! As soon as you get through those first few battles, we bet those green shores will be the location of a well-deserved, exotic vacation. If you want to dress up for vacation and stay battle-ready you'll need the right hairstyle. A battle-ready hairstyle is all about balance. You don't want flowing locks for soldiers to grab onto in hand-to-hand combat but having hair that falls around your neck could keep to from injury if you play your cards right. This dreaded coiffure is perfect for raids as well as relaxing on the shores of a far-off land. finding the perfect hairstyle for your Viking adventure can be tricky so slipping this wig on your head is sure to make you want to holler out with a hearty, "Skol!".

Product Details

This intricate wig is an inventive twist for your Viking ensemble. The net-lined hairpiece attaches to your own hair with an attached metal comb, falling over your own bun or ponytail and down your neck in thick twists. The mohawk style adds dramatic volume to any ensemble and will make you look right at home while forming a shield wall!

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