Womens Prisoner Romper Costume

Womens Prisoner Romper Costume

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Stripes in Season

Ever since you've worked stripes into your wardrobe, you've been getting some strange looks. Last night, you knocked on your friend's back door to see if she wanted to hang out and she refused to let you in. Sure, you were wearing a ski cap over your face to keep yourself warm but that would have never happened before! People don't seem to trust you in this new outfit. It's too bad because you know that you look rather chic in your stripes with numbers on your chest. This issue is getting worse and worse. You couldn't get on a train without providing a few forms of id. Finally, you were running through the woods for a little exercise when someone called the cops on you. After giving you a ride in the back of their car, they explained that your new ensemble, though it was cute, made you look like an escaped convict. Oh well, you've got to make sacrifices if you want to be fashionable, right?

Design & Details

Okay, okay. It's pretty obvious that this Made By Us look is a prison costume. But we like to think that our in-house designers created a look that's so unique that it would look pretty great in your everyday wardrobe. The striped romper has slightly pleated shorts that smoothly connect to the high-neck top. Zipping up the back, it's easy to slip into this look. The striped hair tie brings the whole look together for a chic, renegade look.

Not Guilty

You might look good in striped but that doesn't mean you need to add anything to your rap sheet. Want to head out with a group? Pair with a police officer or a group of other fashionable prisoners and you'll be ready to break out for a stylishly striped Halloween!