Wonderland Alice Costume for Infants Promotions

Wonderland Alice Costume for Infants Promotions
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A Wonderful Beginning

Your little one is just beginning their journey. It's exciting, isn't it? You never know what sorts of wacky characters she'll meet and what sorts of silly encounters she might have. Will she have a tea party with the Mad Hatter? Will she chase a cute bunny rabbit down a rabbit hole? Will she meet the Queen of Hearts? Will she shrink down to an itty-bitty size? (Hold on a second, she already is itty-bitty!) But do you know what the best part is? You'll be right beside her for the whole ride!

Of course, the best way for you to prepare her for any journey, especially one through Wonderland, is with an adorable outfit! This Wonderland Alice Costume for infants turns any baby into the lead character from the iconic storybook.

Design & Details

Our team of costume designers wanted to craft a look that captured the spirit of Alice from Lewis Carroll's works. They started with a simple, overhead dress in a lavish blue color. It features a white collar and a matching white apron in the front to match classic illustrations of the character. The apron has plenty of ruffles for a very traditional look. The dress also comes with decorative black buttons in front. The included headband has a black bow on top and adds the finishing touch to the whole look. When your little girl has the whole ensemble on, she'll be ready to head on adventures in Wonderland.

A Family in Wonderland!

If you're ready to send your baby on a wondrous adventure, or if you just want a cute dress to add to her wardrobe, then this Alice in Wonderland style costume for babies is exactly what she needs! Be sure to check out our adult Alice in Wonderland costumes so you can create an adorable duo costume with your little one!

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