Zombie Feet Adult Sandals Promotions

Zombie Feet Adult Sandals Promotions
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Zom-Beach Wear

The zombie invasion is inevitable. That's the one truth we've learned after watching tons of zombie movies. It's not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when" the zombie apocalypse happens. If you ask us, you'd better start preparing to live like a zombie. That means lurching around like a ghoul, no matter where you're headed... even the beach! No worries, though. You can get a little zombie beach-walking practice in when you wear these Zombie Feet Sandals for adults!

Product Details

These shoes help you get into zombie-mode, since they make your feet look like those of an undead fiend! They're made out of a foam rubber material that has molded vinyl zombie toes on top. They even have fake bruises and blood on them. They measure 11 inches long and are designed to fit adults. Add them to your zombie costume and you'll blend in with all of the other monsters!

Join the Ranks of the Dead

These zombie-style sandals are an easy choice for anyone looking to join the endless ranks of the dead. Just pair them up with some of our professional costume make-up and you'll be all set for the zombie pub crawl downtown!

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