3 Piece Crusader Set Promotions

3 Piece Crusader Set Promotions
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You may think that you’re ready to lead an army on the battlefield or storm the castle or fight the fire-breathing dragon, and we believe you, with a war face like that… but we don’t want you running off on any adventures without the proper equipment! Even with the best suit of armor out there, you’ll be kind of useless with no weaponry. So make arming yourself easy this Halloween when you add this 3 Piece Crusader Set to your costume. It comes with just about everything you need for battle: the classic shield and sword combo as well as a handy battle-axe.

You know what they say the more weapons the better! So don’t stop with this amazing 3 piece set, take a look through the rest of our weaponry as well and make yourself the most feared soldier in any battle! Whether you have a holy war to fight or a party to crash, this accessory set will be a perfect addition to any knight costume.