57 Inch Faux Bone Tip Spear Prop Promotions

57 Inch Faux Bone Tip Spear Prop Promotions
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You've got Spear It

If you've ever fancied yourself as a fierce warrior, then chances are, you've been on the hunt for a good weapon. Daggers are nice, but they lack range (and reach is very important when facing foes at close range)! Axes are nice, but they're a little to cleave-y for some. Those can also be a little hard to wield for anyone whose skills with weapons aren't as strong as their fierce attitude. No, what you need is a weapon that's as ancient as humanity itself. You need a weapon with the reach to tackle anything that comes at you with their bare hands. You need a pointy stick! You need...the spear!

Design & Details

This ancient looking spear brings is a toy weapon that harnesses the power of a spear with the look that's inspired by the weapons used by various warriors in time. The prop weapon is made of plastic, but the tip looks like it's made of bone, while the shaft looks like it's made out of wood.

Safety First

Running around with a toy spear is a lot of fun, but you're no caveman warrior out on the prowl for Mastodons... make sure you play safe with this toy spear and not throw it at the unsuspecting.