Adults Toga Costume Promotions

Adults Toga Costume Promotions
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Why do we love the toga? Well, there is a perfectly simple explanation to the question of why togas are some of the best party attire and most beloved of Halloween costumes. Our ancient Roman ancestors had the right idea when they decided to start the tradition of wearing togas to formal events or parties. They are the most comfortable, stylish, and trendiest form of party garb, and they are so easy!

When you have an important event to join, you cannot waste a bunch of time trying to piece together the perfect layered look. And, if you're going to need to participate in a particularly rumpus affair—whether it is an important early-spring date with Caesar or a group outing—you can't be bogged down by all of that constricting clothing! If you have to hang out with a whole arena full of senators to debate everything from the bucellarii to the vigintiviri—there really aren't that many cool-sounding ancient Roman A- or Z-words—what's the answer? Toga! Toga!


This Toga costume is a sleeveless pullover robe with a V-neckline, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of tying a real toga. (Trust us; that is a real pain in the podux!) The sash is draped over the shoulder and sewn, keeping your toga perfectly placed all night, with little risk of it accidentally coming unraveled. You don’t want to show off your Lupa themed underwear now do you? This costume is made from a 100% polyester interlock knit fabric, keeping you clean and dry throughout the night’s adventures.


Once you've got your epic attire, it is time to refine the look. Will go to the route of the Deity with golden laurels and winged sandals? Perhaps a mighty sword to become the army's general? Or will it be a hidden knife so you can hear the astonished words, "Et tu, Brute!?"

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