Baby Dapper Dalmatian Costume Promotions

Baby Dapper Dalmatian Costume Promotions

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Those Delightful Dog Days

When it comes to bringing both babes and pups into your home, you never really know what you're in for. You might expect a puppy to get home and want to play all the time but they'll end up wanting to constantly sleep and cuddle. And the doctor might tell you that your child will only sleep and eat for the first few months but you'll catch them flipping onto their back during tummy time at their third month. That's the one shared dependable thing about puppies and babies. They're both unpredictable. While your little one is small, you might as well celebrate your child's puppyish side. Celebrate the way they both chew on whatever is closest, the way they both need you near at all times, the way they always seem to be hungry. And while you might not want to celebrate the way they always make a mess, the days of the diaper won't last long so you might as well joke about it! Want to see spot crawl? This costume is the perfect option for your little nipper. It's bound to earn some "ooohs" and "awws" when you head out for walkies!

Design & Details

This little onesie is designed by our dog-loving creative team. The suit has spots throughout with a gold bone right under the red collar. It has a tail on the back, right under the hook and loop strips that go up the back. Hook and loop strips also secure the hem of inner legs to keep diaper changes easy. The look is topped off with a separate headpiece that had floppy ears and big puppy-dog eyes.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Trick-or-treating and Halloween festivities can be exhausting. Now that we think about it, just being a baby can be exhausting. That's why this soft puppy costume is a great costume for your little one. They can doze while all the revelers can admire the sweetest little Spot around!

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