Bloody Blade Promotions

Bloody Blade Promotions
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Now This Is a Knife

A lot of scary costumes can be made even more terrifying with the right accessory. This Bloody Blade accessory is exactly what we’re talking about. Whether you are a monster, a horror movie slasher, or an infamous serial killer, this toy knife will make your costume all the more frightening. This blade is originally seen in the iconic slasher film Scream 4, in the hands of the notorious Ghost Face. That's one villain who can haunt anyone’s dreams alone. However, he is an utter nightmare with this weapon in his hand. Add this accessory to your Ghost Face costume to make it more movie-accurate or to any other costume to bring a whole new level of horror to the costume parties.

Product Details

This plastic toy is molded to look like a real knife. Then when you turn the blade upside down you can watch faux blood ooze down. Don’t worry about making a mess. When you turn the knife right side up again the blood will flow back into the handle and leave the blade as clean as freshly forged steel. This accessory is approximately 13-inches long from the tip of the knife to the blunt end of the handle.

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