Buccaneer Pistol Cane Promotions

Buccaneer Pistol Cane Promotions
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Just because you're a pirate, doesn't mean you can't be classy. Just because you're classy, that doesn't mean you can't be a pirate! Sir Francis Drake was pals with Queen Elizabeth I. That's right, you read that right, “Sir.” He's a knight, just like the ever classy Sir Ian McKellen, and knights are totally classy. If Captain Drake could do it hundreds of years ago, think about how classy of a pirate you can become today. It all starts with an accessory to your pirate attire...

This Buccaneer Pistol Cane manages to bring together the world of the classy with the world of swashbuckling. The cane is designed to be wielded like the accessory of an upper class noble, but the handle has the dangerous allure of a pirate's blunderbuss. That means you can go hob-nob it up like a gentleman, then switch to full-on skulduggery mode in the matter of an instant! And that's something any pirate would spend his ill-gotten doubloons on.