Faux Rhinestone Crown Piece Promotions

Faux Rhinestone Crown Piece Promotions
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Tiara vs. Crown

Every queen needs their sparkling royal headwear. But have you ever been frustrated that you have to decide between dainty tiara and full crown? Tradition dictates you should only wear tiaras for this and crowns for this and in your honest opinion, it should come down to what looks best with your stunning ensemble. We don’t disagree. However, we think we have found a solution that might just be better than choosing whichever style you’d prefer.

Product Details

With this glittering Faux Rhinestone Crown in your accessory collection, you have the versatile head piece for every occasion! The diamond-shaped combs stand tall enough to give you some elevated elegance but are thin enough to reflect the dainty style of a jeweled tiara. Covered from base to top with white imitation rhinestones, this light-weight accessory adds the right amount of sparkle to all your grand ballgowns, costumes, or whatever outfit you’d prefer to wear it with.

Crown for Every Occasion

Don’t compromise style for tradition. If you want to wear a delicate tiara with your formal wear instead of that heavy crown with its velvet top and elaborate metal detailing, do it! Or, give this easy to wear and versatile Faux Rhinestone Crown a try for all your royal headwear needs.