Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Molded Bat Promotions

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Molded Bat Promotions
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We're really not sure how that girl does it. Harley Quinn walks into battle with nothing more than a baseball bat and she can stand toe to toe with guys like Killer Croc. Her takedown rate on thugs rivals that of Batman. She can even beat up a crazy witch with nothing but her trusty bat. All we have to say is that she must have one heck of a batting arm if she can do all that with no super powers or gadgets.

If you're planning on dressing up like Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad, then you'd better be prepared, and that means practicing your swing! This licensed Suicide Squad bat is perfect for that. It's based on the one Margot Robbie uses in the movie, so you'll look the part while you turn yourself into the DC character. Whether you decide to use it to stand side-by-side with Mr. J. in a life of crime, or save the world, is totally up to you.

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