Hen Party Hair Clip Promotions

Hen Party Hair Clip Promotions
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Time to Celebrate

A time to stay in with your fiance, and a time to have lunch with your friends; a time to wear sweatpants, and a time to wear heals. A time to eat ramen and a time to eat high brow food; a time to listen to podcasts and a time to break out your dance mix playlist. This is not a time to stay at home, wear sweatpants, eat ramen, or listen to podcasts. This is a time to celebrate!

Product Details

Whether you're buying accessories for the bride or you're planning your Hen party outfit for your special weekend, this Hen party clip is a sweet way to make your outing extra special. The fabric patch in the middle of the bow is embroidered and centered between the fifties-style netting. Attaching to your hair with a metal alligator clip, you can add this to any part of your hair to make this versatile for all sorts of styling.

Hey Ladies!

Now that you're a full-on adult, you don't get to hang out with all your friends, nearly enough. Make this weekend with the ladies memorable with all sorts of accessories from sashes, bride to be sunglasses, and crowns. This is sure to be a time to remember!