Infant Happy Cow Costume Promotions

Infant Happy Cow Costume Promotions
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Country Comforts

Every little kid loves to go visit the farm! There's so much to look at, so many little animals to cuddle and feed. Are you looking forward to introducing your little one to the sites and sounds of the farm? Be prepared to make some unforgettable memories. There's nothing like seeing Junior stroke the velvety soft nose of a calf for the first time. Or throw a handful of corn for goslings and shriek as they peck near his feet. Those moments might bring you back to your own upbringing. Trying to make friends with the little wild kittens in the barn and carefully offering a pony an apple from your palm. A connection to the farm brings families together. Your grandparents saw you pet a cow for the first time and thought about the first time they tucked their fingers into the thick tuft of hair on the top of a bovine's head. So, it's no wonder why we can't wait to get our little ones to the countryside to see all the things we loved so much when we were kids. In the meantime, get your little one into country character with this adorable cow costume.

Product Details & Design

This little cow costume is classic in black and white but it's far from run-of-the-mill since it's Made-By-Us. You'll love how easy it is to slip this jumpsuit on your child. Simply zip up the back, slip on the booties, and secure the hood over your child's head. The headpiece has large pink ears and plush horns making your look complete. The udders are perfectly delightful, giving your Instagram photos an extra boost of cute!

Getting a Mooove on

Halloween isn't the only time this cow costume is completely adorable. You can also bring this little costume out during your town's dairy festival or county fair. The whole family can get involved. Your little cows older sister can dress as a waddling duck and dad can even dress up as a sheep. Huh, looks like you've finally got that farm you always wanted!

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