Men's Toy Story 4 I Am Duke Caboom T-Shirt Promotions

Men's Toy Story 4 I Am Duke Caboom T-Shirt Promotions
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Daredevil, Friend, Canuck

Duke Caboom is a lot of things to a lot of people. To Little Bo Peep, he's a trusty friend who'll help out during any emergency. To Woody, he's the courageous biker who can save the day and reunite him with Bonnie. To the rest of the toys at the Tin Toy's party, he's the most happening guy in the area! To us, he's the amazing Canadian hero that the world needs! Now, you can be just like the renaissance man himself when you wear this Toy Story 4 I Am Duke Caboom Costume T-Shirt.

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Based on the character's outfit from the Disney Pixar movie, this Duke Caboom T-Shirt is an easy way to cosplay as your favorite Canadian daredevil. The shirt is made out of 100% cotton and it features printed details on the front that recreate Duke Caboom's motorcycle top. Just pair it up with some comfy pants and a daredevil attitude and you'll be ready to join the rest of the Toy Story crew. The best part about this costume tee is that once you're all done dressing up like Duke, you can add this shirt into your regular rotation of everyday wear!

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