Multicolor Sword w/ Light Handle Promotions

Multicolor Sword w/ Light Handle Promotions
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The Rainbow Knight

All those medieval knights had it wrong. Why lug around a mono-tone hunk of metal across the land when you could have a brilliant weapon that just radiates every color of the rainbow? That sounds much better than swinging around a drab gray sword. And why all the metal? Metal is heavy and cumbersome. You could really hurt someone doing that. How about plastic instead, which is lightweight and easy to carry. In fact, when you wield this colorful sword, you can show those misguided knights the true path by becoming the Rainbow Knight!

Product Details

This fabulous Multicolor Sword is a plastic toy sword with a surprise. It even lights up in brilliant colors when you press the button. It does require 3 AA batteries to operate, so make sure you have a few of those at the ready. Pair this up with a colorful outfit and you can attain the title of Cavalier of Color!

Intended for Color, Not Battle

Okay, so maybe this fancy sword isn't great for any actual battles, but who cares? When you have the full visual power of the rainbow at your disposal, you don't need to duel and dragons!

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