Orange 75w Light Bulb Promotions

Orange 75w Light Bulb Promotions
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La Vie En Pumpkin

You know what they say about looking at life through rose-colored lenses, don’t you? Well, we believe that looking at life through orange-colored lenses is even better! Why, you ask? Because it gives everything in your living room, kitchen, or office a pleasantly pumpkinish tint. Pumpkins are such cheerful gourds that it is impossible to be sad when looking at one. Therefore, this light turns any room into a giant pumpkin pick-me-up!

Product Details

Make every day feel like Halloween when you bask in the light of this Orange Light Bulb! This 75 watt, 120 volt bulb is a cinch to install in a standard light fixture and is a great addition to party décor. Your home will be the most popular holiday destination thanks to one or more of these lightbulbs! Who wouldn’t want to feel like a big pumpkin? We rest our case.