Pack of 12 Multi Color 4" Glow Sticks Promotions

Pack of 12 Multi Color 4" Glow Sticks Promotions
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Bright Idea

This year, it’s your turn to chaperone the trick-or-treaters. The group of children belonging to you and your friends’ group is a blast at home when everyone gathers for dinners and games. You’re looking forward to ushering them down the block and to different trunk-or-treats but you’re also a little nervous. How will you keep them all together? How will you identify them if they’re wearing masks or wigs? It hits you, glowsticks! Simple and fun, the kids should be excited to have a glowstick all their own. But what if they don’t like the color you choose? What if they’re wearing a pink princess dress and all you have is lime green?

Deep breath. You’ve got this!

Product Details

Glowsticks are a great accessory for every trick-or-treater! Each stick provides a little light for their door-to-door journey and they make for an easy way to distinguish one glowing ghost from another. This 12-pack of Multi Color Glowsticks gives you a color to match all your trick-or-treaters as well! Choose from purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink to compliment every alien, vampire, or superhero costume. With 2 of every color, even if you’re in charge of a large group you’ll have a glowstick color to please every member of your candy crew!

Glow Much Fun

Bring a little night-glow to your Halloween! Whether you’re walking a group of trick-or-treaters through the neighborhood or throwing a Halloween rave, these multicolored glowsticks are ready for the fun!

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