Power Rangers Beast Morphers Striker Saber Costume Accessory Promotions

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Striker Saber Costume Accessory Promotions
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Ranger on Patrol

Is your kiddo planning to go out as the Beast Morphers Gold or Silver Power Ranger for Halloween this year? Well, we think that is perfect. There are a ton of mischievous and ghoulish creatures that come out on the spookiest day on the calendar. Having a hero to go around your neighborhood, patrolling the streets, would keep everybody safe. Your ranger trainee should be able to do that, no problem at all. You just need to make sure that they are properly armed for any threat that may come their way and we know exactly what they’ll need.

Product Details

Complete your child’s Beast Morpher Ranger costume with this Striker Saber Costume Accessory. This officially licensed toy is made out of plastic and measures to be approximately 18” long. The molded and painted details on this collectible are inspired directly from the popular TV show. Although this replica may not be able to double as a steering wheel to control the Wrecker Zord or Jet Zord, it is still an amazing imitation of the real thing. Your little one will feel ready to take on any scary monsters that happen to come their way with this mighty weapon in their hand.

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