Toddler Batman Fleece Romper Costume Promotions

Toddler Batman Fleece Romper Costume Promotions
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Are you just sure that one day your child will be patrolling the streets of Gotham as Batman? Let's start him out by patrolling your living room floor with this adorable Batman fleece romper. He'll feel just like the Dark Knight, even if the bad guys are all action figures and dolls. Get him this cozy romper for his first costume, for afun playtime look, or for a go-to set of jammies. With cozy fleece construction, play time might just turn into naptime pretty quickly. (Because even Bruce Wayne needs to rest to build up all those muscles!)

This romper is officially licensed by DC, and features the classic Batman details that are going to let all of his playmates know that he's the real deal. Get your child this cozy romper, and all you'll have to do is be ready to help train him to become the ultimate crime fighter!