Toddler Deluxe Groot Costume Promotions

Toddler Deluxe Groot Costume Promotions

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So Baby Groot totally steals the show in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and while we're not prone to spoilers, we don't mind saying that this little guy is just as cool as his bigger self! So, he should totally be at the top of the list for costume choices, in either form.

Now, whatever kind of Halloween or other costume fun you have planned, we think there's something that goes without saying. That it'd be really great to have a baby Groot in your group. We're totally with ya! This adorable toddler deluxe Groot costume will transform any kiddo into the smallest Guardian of the Galaxy.

We don't care if Ma and Pa are dressed up as Gamora and Star Lord, another Marvel theme, or even if you just add Baby Groot to any other theme group. When you have this cool character along, the costume fun is sure to be extra special. This simple polyester jumpsuit comes printed with the wood/tree design that will have your toddler looking extra Groot-y. Just complete the character transformation with the mask, and you'll have a new Guardian to add to your family's Halloween posse. You could even pair him with an adult Groot for double Groot action. Cause two Groots have gotta be better than one, right?

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