Toddler The Smurfs Smurf Costume Promotions

Toddler The Smurfs Smurf Costume Promotions
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What's in a Name?

Every Smurfing society has its own unique naming conventions. The most famous—for a people that enchant their world to keep themselves totally concealed from humans, anyway—is the Smurf Village. There, all Smurfs brought to the Village by the storks are given a name that perfectly points out their most profound personality quirk. That helps to figure out exactly what job they can best fulfill and keeps the whole village in harmony. (That, of course, is Harmony Smurf's job!)

The question is how they get their name in the first place!? "Baby Smurf" shows up, but that's hardly gonna be its name forever. We figure Papa Smurf must bestow the name after a few years of watching them grow. That seems to work a lot better than making a wild guess right away. It makes us wonder what names we'd all have if our folks had a few years to figure it out. Of course, when it comes to a certain kind of costume, that's exactly what you get to do!

Design & Details

Take a look at your little ones and watch them transform into everyone's favorite forest-dwelling folk, the Smurfs! With this officially licensed costume, your little one will be feeling blue—and that's a good thing in this world! Our Made by Us design team whipped this look together in our in-house studios, including a pair of elastic-waist white pants, a long-sleeved sky blue shirt, and the iconic swooping cap. We know a smile will be included, too, but that's all from your kiddo.

Future Smurf

When your little Toddler Smurf climbs into this costume, the magic is sure to begin in a snap. Will you have an Energetic Smurf running around the house? An Oopsie Smurf that does the same thing but bumps into everything along the way? We can't wait to hear about our new favorite Smurf to join the Village!