Two Handed Viking Axe Promotions

Two Handed Viking Axe Promotions
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Ax us no questions and we'll tell you no lies

We went back in time and polled a Viking village from the sixteenth century about their preferred battle weapons. Honestly, it didn't go very well because the people we elected to go in and take the poll were taken captive in an instant. The Viking warriors took their tablets, their sunglasses, and raincoats. The little warrior kids even snatched Anthony's pocket protector. So if an anthropologist discovers what looks like the first ancient Best Buy in Northern Norway, they can give us a call and hear the story. We did get an answer, by the way. Anthony ended up charming his way into the community by breaking out his early nineties rap routine. Lucky for our data, he had grown up as a beatboxing nerd. Once he had warmed them up the Viking warriors let him know that the two-handed ax is the only way to go when it comes to heading into battle.

Product Details

You'll love the hand-made look of this ax. The handle is long and has a warm color. The ax head is silver with Nordic details stamped into the metallic finish.

Big, Bad, and Battle-ready

Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or you're heading out for LARPing, this ax will make you feel ready for the shield wall. It'll pair well with any of our Viking costumes. Plus, as all the other Viking's know, the two-handed ax is the only way to go!

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