Big Daddy Jewelry Set Promotions

Big Daddy Jewelry Set Promotions
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True Playa

Hot off the winnin' streak, lookin' sleek,


Platform boots, leopard skin suits

Chief in charge, no disputes

Slingin' bling like a true player, callin' you mayor

Style slayer, competition has no prayer

Slip ya ring on, King Kong

Ain't got nothin' on you,

True, true

With your gold chain necklace

You gon' eat weak MCs for breakfast.

You want to prove that you ain't no busta MC? Then you better get a few rhymes under your belt... but some bling certainly isn't going to hurt you either! This Big Daddy Jewelry Set will have everyone calling you "Big Papa" when you wear it!

Product Details

Okay, so maybe this Big Daddy Jewelry Set isn't exactly made out of solid gold. Everyone has to start somewhere, though! This set comes with 5 pieces, including 3 separate dollar sign rings and a final ring that fits multiple fingers. Finally, the gold chain has a pendant that reads "Mega Money" to let everyone know that you're heading places! It's an easy choice to add to any pimp costume!

Just Call Me Big Papa

If you want everyone to treat you like the big cheese, then this Big Daddy jewelry should have you feeling like the Big Papa!