Bloody Knife Promotions

Bloody Knife Promotions
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Weapon of Choice

A horror movie villain is only as good as their weapon. Every baddie from a slasher flick knows that simple rule. Whether that means rampaging through the countryside wielding a rumbling chainsaw or haunting the dreams of unsuspecting teenagers with your razor sharp claw-glove. Some villains like to tote around an axe, so they can bust through a pesky locked door.

If you plan on dressing up like some kind of frightening figure from a horror movie this year, what will your weapon of choice be? Let us suggest the humble bloody knife! Why? Well, it’s compact, frightening, and it doesn’t require any gas like a cumbersome chainsaw!

Product Details

This bloody knife accessory recreates the look of a scary weapon from a horror film. It’s made of a molded plastic material and has a black handle with a silver blade. The edge is blunt, obviously (we’re not going to sell you a REAL instrument of death), but the look is still rather terrifying! The blade also has bloody red paint splatters on it, making it look freshly used.

Terrify Your Victims

When you suit up as a serial killer this Halloween, make sure you have this knife with you! You’re going to need it if you want to scare unsuspecting victims!