Devil May Cry Ivory Latex Pistol Promotions

Devil May Cry Ivory Latex Pistol Promotions
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Wield the Right Stuff

Combating demons isn't the easiest task to take. But, when you're a half-fiend like Dante, it comes with the supernatural style. Between the epic coat, that dashing hairdo, and a few abilities to boot, our favorite Devil May Cry character is always ready for his acrobatic antics. But... there is one thing that he wouldn't dare head into the field without. That's right: his right-hand weapon, Ivory!

Product Details

We're not suggesting you'll be hunting real demons, but you might want to bring some authenticity to your Devil May Cry costume. You can trust in this Ivory Latex Pistol prop to make your costume game complete! This toy weapon is designed to look just like the classic weapon from your favorite demon-hunting action classic and is lightweight to boot! All you'll need to worry about is striking the right intimidating pose for your Convention and Halloween photos!

The Ivory to your Ebony

Wielding the right weapon in one hand is key to bringing your Dante look to life. This Ivory prop is the perfect first step but you can complete the debonaire look by joining it with its sister. That's right, take hold of Ebony in your left hand and you're ready for the full Devil May Cry ensemble.

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