Frankenstein Monster Tote Bag Promotions

Frankenstein Monster Tote Bag Promotions
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Monstrous Mishmash

It’s been hard to convince your children that some things are better together. Even after telling them it’s your favorite pizza, they didn’t want cheese and pepperoni on their slice—it’s one or the other. Goodness knows it’s the end of the world anytime their mashed potatoes touch the peas on their plate. They don’t even like finding you’ve put both fruity and chocolatey candies together for visiting trick-or-treaters. However, we know someone that may be able to help your child understand that somethings benefit from a good mixing: Frankenstein’s Monster. The familiar green terror wouldn’t exist if his maker hadn’t combined a few odds and ends. And now that the mishmash monster has gotten away from a village full of meanies, he’s more than happy to help your kiddo make the best of their Halloween!

Product Details

Introduce your child to everyone’s favorite walking experiment with this Frankenstein Monster Tote Bag! Frankenstein’s Monster is brought to life with black felt hair along the top of the bag, embroidered sutures, and a printed smirk. Your child will be excited to let their candy mix and mingle in the 12.75” by 15” bag that offers plenty of space for their Halloween haul.

Better Together

Whether your kiddo is putting together a monster costume of their own or they’re taking a page out of Frankenstein’s book, this classic treat bag is sure to bring it all together! Complete their Halloween look and give them the perfect trick-or-treat buddy for years to come with this reusable Monster Tote Bag.

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