Ghost Bodysuit Costume for Women

Ghost Bodysuit Costume for Women
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Hey Boo!

It's probably been years since you broke out a bedsheet with eye holes cut out and went trick or treating. But weren't those nights the best? You'd get together with friends, hooting, and hollering and making various spooky noises. It's a feeling that's hard to recreate as an adult. For one, you just don't have the passion for mountains of candy that once drove you to trick-or-treat one block more even though your plastic pumpkin was full to bursting and you kept on tripping on the sheet that was placed over your head. Secondly, when you don't get off of school at three o'clock, it's hard to be dressed in a spooky ensemble by the time night falls. Lucky for you, it's easier than ever to find a Halloween look that seamlessly transitions from workwear to night apparel!

Product Details

This high necked bodysuit is easy to wear in so many ways! The crotch buttons at the bottom so you can easily layer work pants over the suit and remain comfortable throughout the day. Throw on a blazer to make that meeting professional yet spooky. And when you're ready to clock out, hang up those work clothes and throw on a tutu or one of the other many festive options you could wear with this bodysuit and feel that magical Halloween night feeling flow back to you!

Your Favorite Haunt

Are you ready to head to your favorite spot and show off your new ghostly look? You have so many options when it comes to styling this piece! Whether you're heading to a club or simply going out for drinks at a quiet spot with a couple friends, you'll find the right look for any of these locations. So, reconnect with that contagious exciting feeling you had back in the day. You've got the spirit!

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