Hot Pink Bachelorette Sparkle Tiara Promotions

Hot Pink Bachelorette Sparkle Tiara Promotions
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A Night to Remember

Some brides spend their whole lives dreaming up their idyllic wedding scene. They can picture the flowers, the music, the dress, even the groom! But you've also been daydreaming about a different kind of party...the bachelorette kind! And when you see yourself tipping back some cocktails with your best ladies, you can imagine, in your mind's eye, exactly which fabulous outfit you're wearing, where you are going, and who you are with.

Make room in your fantasy for this Hot Pink Sparkle Bachelorette Tiara, then! We know a party maven like you must already know this, but, you can't really pull off a proper bachelorette look without at least a little bit of bling. This piece is festive, feminine, and bound to get you a few free drinks from fellow romantics in the crowd. It's perfect for your big night to remember.

Product Details

This glittery pink piece will go with any bachelorette outfit you pick! It has plastic combs to keep it in place all night, no matter what you get up to, and the big BACHELORETTE letters sit atop scrolling pink hearts. We just know it's the accessory you've been dreaming about since you said that all-important "Yes!"

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