Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket Promotions

Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket Promotions
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Oh Boy!

It's an undeniable fact. There are two things that all kids love... candy and Mickey Mouse. It's pretty obvious why kids like both of them, since pieces of candy are like tiny drops of heaven and Mickey Mouse is the beloved mouse who's been delight us all for nearly a century. He's till delighting audiences today! So, this Mickey Mouse Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket is for any youngster looking to get a big haul of candy this year. Oh Boy!

Product Details

This cute treat pail will help your child get all of the best candy this year! It's made out of molded plastic and it's shaped like everyone's favorite Disney character. It even has Mickey's cute, round ears on the sides and his smiling face in front. It's nearly 6 inches tall and has a flexible plastic handle, perfect for carrying through the neighborhood.

Mouse with the Most

If your child is looking to bring in the big haul this year, then make sure you get Mickey to help out! This adorable trick or treat bucket is so adorable, we're sure that adults will be ready to toss a few extra pieces of chocolate in there!

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