Necklace You Died! Necklace Promotions

Necklace You Died! Necklace Promotions
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Video Game Drip

When you've made a few missteps in your life and the devil gets, erm, grabby with your soul, you've got only a few options to keep what's yours and get on with your life. Unfortunately, that usually means trying to survive a pretty punishing quest! But we have an alternative for you.

Of course, so long as you've got the power of... whatever it is that Cuphead and Mugman can fire from their magic little digits, you might be able to win the day! Get ready to take down the likes of Hilda Berg, Baroness Von Bon Bon, and Captain Brineybeard!

Product Details

Surviving the game itself might be a pretty daunting task, but you can have the heroic looks you need with this officially licensed You Died! Necklace. It gives you the perfect styling of font from the old-timey game. The plastic necklace comes on a metal chain with a clasp enclosure. With it, you can harness a whole lot of power by wearing failure on your sleeve...erm, around your neck, we mean. It's like taunting failure itself into submission.

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