Rugged Spartan Men's Costume Promotions

Rugged Spartan Men's Costume Promotions
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Antioch to the Acropolis

As time-traveling goes, zapping yourself into the ancient world of Greece or Rome would be the most enticing. Unlike most communities that existed before the 1900s, they had running water and respected the power of bathing. They had pretty advanced medical care, buildings constructed to help its residents stay cool on intense summer days, and paved roads. As long as you didn't end up in a colosseum, life would be pretty comfortable for a whole range of classes back in Rome and Greece B.C.! However, if you did happen to land your time machine smack in the middle of a colosseum fight, this is the costume that you'd want to wear when you stepped out of the machine and into the ring. With a dignified draping cape and flattering leather accents, you'll be a favorite with the crowd in no time. You might even have to go on an international ancient world tour. That sounds like fun! You'd get to see all those famous ruins when they were newly built. Just goes to show that if you're going to go back, you'd better dress to impress!

Costume Details

This stunning ancient ensemble is Made By Us which means it was created by our in-house designers. The costume features a jersey knit cape accented with a brass coin. A kilt trimmed in a geometric gold pattern is secured with a hook and loop fastener at the back. Faux leather gauntlets slip over your forearms for a tough, battle-ready look.

B.C. Bravery

Are you ready to bring a touch of the B.C. era to your next costumed event? This high-quality look is a great choice. Complete your look with gladiator props from our collection. From a sword and shield or the tough spear pictured, you'll feel strong and brave once you're all decked out. Step into your next costumed event with brave B.C. style!

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