Viking Valkyrie Gold Headband Promotions

Viking Valkyrie Gold Headband Promotions
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Guiding the Valorous to Valhalla

Valkyries have an important job. They're the spiritual ushers of the dead in Norse mythology. They spend their time scouting the battlefield for the brave Viking fighters who exemplify a true warrior's spirit. When they fall during a battle, the Valkyrie usher their souls to Valhalla, where they feast for all of eternity with Odin. Without them, valorous warriors might spend their afterlife wandering the Earth as a lost souls, or worse... a hideous undead draugr!

If you're ready to take on the important role of a Valkyrie, then you're going to need the proper gear! The best place to start is with this Viking Valkyrie Headband. The metallic headband is the perfect finishing touch to any Norse-themed costume!

Product Details

This Viking Valkyrie Headband is a gold headband that features metallic gold wings on each side. It has a silver band in the front with embossed rivets in the middle. Just place it over your forehead and you'll be ready to guide a few brave souls back to the halls of Valhalla! Be sure to check out all of our Viking costume accessories, like a few toy weapons, to help perfect your Valkyrie outfit!